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Iranian Ski Resort Ends Winter Season With Snazzy Modern Igloo

Winter might be winding down in the Alborz mountains of Iran, but the ski resort of Barin is just unveiling the newest additions to its housing stock: a series of sleek modern pods reminiscent of that classic winter dwelling, the igloo. Designed by the architects at RYRA Studio, the domed structures feature curvaceous interiors in stark white with bold accent colors. Replete with custom furniture to match the rippling walls, these self-contained abodes feature modern kitchenettes with stainless steel appliances, seamlessly integrated storage, and a soothing organic aesthetic that mimics the layering of freshly fallen snow. A series of skylights provide additional natural light, while a wall of glass at one end provides the mountain views we've come to expect. They might still be struggling to enter the nuclear age, but the Iranians are leading the way when it comes to taking ski resorts space age.

· Exceptional Nature-Inspired Winter Sports Resort: Barin Sky Resort by RYRA Studio [Freshome]