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Grand Reproduction Chateau Lacks Typical Gaudy Interior

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Location: Houston, Texas
Price: $8,900,000
The Skinny: Okay, to be fair, this particular chateau lacks, well, an interior. It's been stripped down to the studs, but looks like the current owner wants to walk away before putting any finishing touches on the almost 13,000 square feet. First constructed in 1962, the house features several intricately carved marble fireplaces, elegant gardens, a swimming pool, and a 10 foot limestone wall surrounding the 2.4 acre property. The chateau is currently laid out for six bedrooms and six bathrooms, though from the looks of it, there's plenty of room to customize. Some sources claim the chateau is over 200 years old and was shipped piece-by-piece from France, but we're betting a realtor would jump at the chance to include that little bit of history in the listing, were it true. UPDATE: To see pre-gutting photos head over to local Houston blog Swamplot.
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