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Prince William and Kate's "Starter Home" Valued at Over $76M

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Kate Middleton has lived in decent houses from childhood, but marrying a royal takes that whole quality-of-life thing to astronomical heights. Our friends at British real estate site Zoopla write in with a new set of stats that promise to make all 29-year-olds reading this feel even worse about their crappy one-bedroom apartments: Clarence House, where Middleton and Prince William will live once married, is valued at more than $76.68M and worth 343 times the average newlywed starter home ($223,282) in England. Sticking it further are the following stats about Windsor Castle, the royal country retreat (and the largest occupied castle in the world): it's valued at $279M and boasts more than 1,000 rooms over 484,000 square feet. Eventually King William and his queen will move into Buckingham Palace, which, as the world's most valuable private residence, is currently valued at $1.6B. Kids these days!
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