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What Happens in Vegas Really Does Involve Mirrored Ceilings

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For those with a footing in the strange, strange world of interiors and architecture, there is no greater feeling of Nirvana than when the design of a space melds seamlessly with its surroundings. And so such a feeling came to pass when we stumbled upon this penthouse in Veer Towers, one of the condo buildings in the relatively new Las Vegas mixed-use development CityCenter. Designed and recently completed by Mark Tracy of local firm Chemical Spaces, the space looks like what would happen if someone tried to stuff the entire strip inside a glassy aerie, complete with shimmery blue mosaics on the floors, walls, and ceilings; 120 linear feet of RGB LED lighting that runs around the penthouse's entire perimeter; a custom triangular-shaped mirrored ceiling designed to accentuate "the neon shining through the windows"; and "a chandelier encased in a blue glass cube." Plus, here's something one doesn't ordinarily see mentioned in project descriptions: a "main party area."

· City Center Penthouse by Mark Tracy of Chemical Spaces [Contemporist]
· Chemical Spaces [official site]