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J.K. Rowling Plans to Build Hagrid's Hut in Backyard: Fact or Fiction?

If Tom Clancy's possible building of an indoor gun range tells us anything, it's that the world's most successful pop authors have funny ways of spending their smokin'-hot piles of royalties. Here's the latest rumor to swirl out of the U.K.: the Daily Mail has reported that Harry Potter empress J.K. Rowling has just submitted plans to build garden house similar to Hagrid's hut on the Renaissance-style grounds of her Edinburgh, Scotland, manse, complete with a conical roof, spire, chimney, and stone steps. However, as Potter blog The Leaky Cauldron points out, just because the new outbuilding will have a conical roof doesn't necessarily mean Rowling is trying to make life imitate art—"there isn't any intent to make it match Hagrid's hut (which is actually wooden as per the books, not stone as in the films)." Sharp eyes!

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