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Ferris Bueller House Now Accepting Donations For Furniture

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It's no big news that the Highland Park, Ill., modern that served as Cameron Frye's house in Ferris Bueller's Day Off languished on the market with a most recent ask of $1.65M. Well, today Curbed Chicago brings word that the iconic Ben Rose home has been taken off the market to allow for some light rehab work, during which time the owners are refreshing the space with a whole bunch of snazzy new decor. Coldwell Banker listing agent Meladee Hughes says a few major furniture brands have signed on so far—she's not releasing names yet—but others interested in the free uber-publicity still have time to jump on the Ferris boat, as well. "A very sleek, modern look is what they're looking for," Hughes says. "The higher-end we can get, the better we will like it." She's hoping to put the place back on the market in a month or two. Anyone, anyone?

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