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Coastal Condo Introduces Andy Warhol to the Magic of Mod Podge

The Los Angeles Times L.A. at Home blog recently took a tour through the bright, cheerful Santa Monica, Calif., home of DIY/decorating personality Jonathan Fong. When Fong first bought the two-bedroom place, he writes, "The walls were painted Swiss Coffee, which, contrary to its caffeinated namesake, was a real snoozefest for me." Naturally, he pulled a complete 180, choosing four bold colors for the living room—"I didn't care if things didn't match, or even if my home was quickly becoming the adult version of Pee Wee's Playhouse." Even in a sea of primary colors, the kitchen's still the most standout space:
"I always knew I wanted to do something to the kitchen, but was never sure what exactly, until I was at the closing day of the Andy Warhol exhibit at MOCA, and all the posters were 40% off. I love a good bargain – and a good jolt of inspiration – so I decided to buy one of each poster and decoupage them to the cabinet fronts." Have a look over here for the rest of the home.
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