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Entire Italian Village Hits the Market for Less Than $1M

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It's already been well established that owning an island is better than owning just a house; so it would only make sense that owning a village is also better than owning just a house. Good news! Now the charming Italian village of Valle Piola—all in all 11 stone buildings and a 13th-century church—in Italy's Abruzzo region is up for sale for a very reasonable $789,000, reports the Daily Mail. (The local council put Valle Piola on the market because they can't afford to restore it.) Pros: a setting mountain setting and, naturally, la dolce vita. Cons: Valle Piola has been abandoned for 30 years so many of the buildings are crumbling—"We're not giving an estimate of how much it would cost to make the houses habitable—it will be up to the buyer to come up with a plan," explains the mayor of one of the neighboring towns. Plus, the only access in is via a single dirt road that so happens to turn into a mule track once inside the village. Thankfully, we know exactly where to find a donkey.

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