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All-Time Saddest Craigslist Ad Has "Folksy Airbrushed Ocean View"

Our cousins over at Curbed Chicago have dug up a pitiful Craigslist ad for a $550/month roommate share in Chi-town's Ukrainian Village. As the ad will expire at some point in the near future, here's an immortal snippet: the place "has an uplifted, light feeling- I am of the artistic variety, so it is cleverly put together with a small budget, and has an elegance and sense of humor as well as a slight bohemian edge."

The best part:

"You will have TWO adjoining bedrooms to use as you please. One of them is pictured - a folksy airbrushed ocean view and beach. It is equipped with a ceiling mounted full spectrum bank of lights. It really is a very very effective room for the winter blahs!! Good for guys or gals - an electronic engineer friend of mine stayed here and love this Caribbean room feel for his WIFI and soldering projects!" And if airbrushed ocean views just don't say bedtime, the listing assures us: "Also would be great as an exercise room, office, yoga, chillin, what-have-you! (but no painting or smelly chemicals please)." Terrific!

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