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Vanilla Ice's Former Waterfront Digs Hit the Market, Baby

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Robert Van Winkle, a.k.a. Vanilla Ice, is so awesomely into all-things-home reno, what with his DIY Channel reality show The Vanilla Ice Project, that he once earned his very own rap here on Curbed. That aside, here's some news we're going to present in straight-ahead, non-gangsta prose: a Miami-area estate Ice formerly owned has just hit the market for $14.9M. Located on the western side of swank, gated, guarded Star Island, the manse boasts nine bedrooms, nine baths, a pool area with a gazebo, and more than 100 feet of water frontage. As for the history, the place was built in 1986, three years before Ice signed his first record contract—he lived here during his ascent to stardom before eventually relocating to the Palm Beach area.

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