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Swanky Dutch Tax Office Really Sticks it to the Boring Ol' IRS

UNStudio photos via Co.Design

Today Co.Design is taking a look at what's by far the wildest government tax building we've ever seen, in Groningen, Netherlands. Designed by architect Ben van Berkel of local design firm UNStudio, the space is outfitted with trippy circular ceiling disks that control temps, slashing the need for A/C. (Keep in mind Berkel once built a ceiling backlit by 18,000 LEDs within a futuristic NYC loft.) Also home to an education agency, the offices aim "to present these institutions with a softer, more human and approachable profile....[in] an organic, friendlier and more future-oriented form." Working as a tax professional? Rifling through taxes all day? Sign us up!

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