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Five of Our Favorite Overgrown Closets From the Glossy Pages

The dressing room is one of those coveted luxuries that few can afford but most would make good use of. Whether used to stash vintage Clash t-shirts, or Balenciaga bags, or stacks of button-downs, these luxurious upgrades to the average closet mix the luxury of space with some expressive design. That these are typically such private spaces means there's freedom to go wilder than one might otherwise. Designer Eric Cohler certainly took this to heart when he commandeered his apartment's second bedroom, gussied up his closet doors with trompe l’oeil painting, and papered the ceiling with a diamond-patterned wallpaper (above). Except instead of keeping his little indulgence private, he invited House Beautiful over to take a tour. Just the way we like it.

? It should come as no surprise that clothing magnate and designer Ralph Lauren has some fittingly grandiose places to store his own wardrobe. The dressing room at his Bedford, N.Y. estate looks torn straight from his Madison Avenue boutique, with vintage luggage atop mahogany built-ins, plenty of full-length mirrors, and a preppy green and beige color scheme.

? Shoe designer Brian Atwood had his then partner—and current talk-show host—Nate Berkus design this sleek super-closet for his Milan pied-a-terre. Blue-green, brown, and beige strike a masculine mood, while the concealed storage keeps the clutter to a minimum.

? Fellow designer Anna Sui went quite a different route in her NYC pad, using open shelving to display her overflowing collection of garments and accessories. Maybe she's running out of space, because she just bought a third apartment in the same West Village building.

? The title of most whimsical goes to the unknown owner of this Manhattan townhouse. Not only does a Russian glass chandelier grace the Samuel Botero-designed space, but the circular room boasts plenty of windows and views of Riverside Park. A closet with a view? We're sold.

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