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A Georgia Mansion Possibly Built Atop the Fountain of Youth

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Location: Sea Island, Ga.
Price: $6,600,000
The Skinny: By the time Georgia businessman Carley Zell passed away in 2006, he had lived in three centuries, was the ripe old age of 107, and had spent the final quarter of his life in this Portugese colonial-style mansion on Sea Island. Built in 1985, the mansion was constructed by Portugese craftsmen and many of the materials were imported as well, and, frankly, strikes a slightly less vulgar tone than many '80s mansions. Regardless of any potential life-extending properties of this estate, the house is certainly set up for a relaxing lifestyle, with 5,800 square feet, five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a community health club, and access to a golf course, but that doesn't mean Zell was resting on his laurels. Even past his 100th year, the insurance man could be found daily, in coat and tie, at his office in nearby Brunswick.
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