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Five Staggeringly Expensive Summer Getaways for Fat Cats

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Photos: Sandpiper Rentals

For a truly extravagant summer vacation, there's no better venue than a palatial pad in one of America's tried and true summer resorts. But these days, despite the recession, prices for these premier vacation homes are climbing higher and higher (just ask the folks over at Curbed Hamptons). So for all you moguls and captains of industry, we've found some of the best, and most expensive, summer haunts in five of America's classic summer destinations. Let's start on the preppy Massachusetts island of Martha's Vineyard, where this low-slung five bedroom nestles into the scrub brush on the outskirts of Edgartown (above). With views over Slough Cove and Great Pond to the Atlantic, stone patio, and swimming pool, this 4,800-square-foot cottage is asking $180K per month in high season.

— In Bridgehampton, N.Y., this newly-constructed shingle-style spread has been attracting plenty of attention. First, the landlocked estate went on sale for close to $60M, then, last summer, the owner—Hamptons luxury homebuilder Joe Farrell—started asking $500K for two weeks in July. Well it turns out that scheme worked, because it rented for full price—$35,714 per day. Want to see some of the outrageous amenities at work? Watch Farrell's niece and nephew lead the tour, courtesy of MTV's Teen Cribs. Anyway, this entertaining monstrosity popped back up on the rental market this year, same $250K-per-week price tag.

? For a little less high-profile chicanery, head north to the blue blood bastion of Mount Desert Island, Maine. In the village of Northeast Harbor, this hillside charmer sleeps up to twelve and rents for the relative bargain price of $58K per month. Plus, there are waterviews, a small private beach, and a yacht mooring for that perfect Maine lifestyle. The only downside is the remote location, some five hours by car from Boston.

? Across the continent, in Malibu, Calif., former Million Dollar Listing star Chad Rogers has the listing for this six bedroom beachfront estate in the Malibu Colony. No wonder he was always talking up that Colony exclusivity: this place is asking a whopping $110K per month. But ol' Mr. Rogers is going to have to search high and low for a renter who can get along with the schizo decor.

? Back on the Atlantic coast, this Nantucket spread with six bedrooms (including two master suites) is aiming for those easily wowed by design name-drops. The listing lets potential renters know they'll be sleeping beside Brunschwig & Fils wallpapers, lounging on solid teak pool furniture from McGuire's Portico Collection, and goes so far as to mention the "custom-made wood and honeycomb blinds by Great Windows." This sort of detail is usually more appropriate for a sales pitch, but when you're forking over $165K a month, it's nice to know where that cash is going.

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