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A Peek Inside This Year's Kips Bay Decorator Show House

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Today's New York Times mega-profile on this year's Kips Bay Decorator Show House focuses primarily on the crazy, loud, conceptual art within the 10,000-square-foot, 16-room, four-story townhouse, which is set on a tony block of NYC's Upper East Side. Art was such a force in this year's space, in fact, that designer Robert Stilin used it as bragging rights, "[noting] proudly that his Damien Hirst butterfly was an original, not a print." Amazing! Some additional choice quotes: "It's about curating a room than decorating it" (Wayne Nathan, who did the front hall) and “My job is to give context to people’s collections, to find the commonality in disparity" (Richard Mishaan, who did the massive living room). Pushing all that artsiness aside, we sent decorator and former shelter magazine editor/stylist Alexa Stevenson to cover the preview and pick out a few details in each room. Turns out she found a whole lot of positives and has a whole lot of compliments to pay—she was more enthused about this year's showhouse than she's been in a while. Keep an eye out for more of Stevenson on Curbed—she'll be launching the site's first-ever service-y decorating column sometime next month—and in the mean time have a look at the photos she snapped above.

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