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All the Colors of the Rainbow, for Less Than a Million Bucks

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Call us obsessed, but crazy Houston properties are on the brain this week! As for this one: royal-purple window awnings were the first hint that this traditional-looking Texas property was more than meets the eye. And lo and behold, inside lies a Technicolor madhouse, with each wall a different tone and various ceilings painted, too. The three-bedroom house, built in 1940, hit the market in August '10 for $1.089M and has since been price-chopped down to its current ask of $985K. Anyone care to venture a guess as to why the place hasn't sold?

· Unassuming Midcentury Modern is Actually Creepy House of Dolls [Curbed National]
· 3245 Locke Ln Houston, TX 77019 [HAR via Swamplot]