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Trulia's Rent-Vs.-Buy Map Yet Again Proves NYC a Big Red Blotch

The notion of renting over buying is such a force that there's even a dedicated Curbed rubric for it. Yet Trulia's map depicting Q2 stats shows that it's more affordable to buy in most of the 50 biggest cities in the country, taking into account median rent price and median list price for two-bedroom apartments, as well as unemployment rate, foreclosure rate, and population. The major exception to this rule, of course, is good old NYC, where even a median monthly rent of $3K to $3.5K is a better deal than the median list price of $1.6M to $1.7M. Then again, we're not at all surprised to see this outlier; after all, NYC is just about the only place in the world where someone would willingly (and cheerfully) live in a 90-square-foot or a 78-square-foot apartment.

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