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New Chef/Shelter Collab: Better Homes & Gardens and Jamie Oliver

Celebrities chefs are no stranger to shelter media. House Beautiful recently brought on Tyler Florence; Daniel Boulud's been penning recipe columns for Elle Decor for a while now. So it comes as no surprise—well, maybe an itty, bitty surprise—that Better Homes & Gardens has just announced a new partnership with Jamie Oliver. The move marks BHG publisher Meredith Corp.'s move into digital media (iPad apps, TV); the magazine's garden editor, for instance, will appear on the May 10 episode if Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution (ABC) to "[show] off his expertise by planting a garden at a Los Angeles high school." Great, but how will those kids react when they learn that their surprise visitor is none other than the guy who convinced the LA Unified School District to drop that delicious flavored milk?

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