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Off-Color Royal Wedding Tie-Ins Sure to Go On Sale Soon

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Prematurely referred to as the "wedding of the century," the nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton Princess Catherine went off without a hitch today, putting an end to endless speculation over dresses and whether or not Harry would show up dressed appropriately. But just because the event is over doesn't mean the reams of commemorative merchandise simply disappear, and boy have there been some questionable choices in trinkets. From toilet seat covers to ashtrays—because what honors the royal couple more than snubbing out a cigarette butt on their likenesses?—opportunistic purveyors of tchotchkes have gone all out and over the top. We've drawn together some of the worst in the gallery above (though we can't help but love the tongue-in-cheek dishes). And yep, some of this stuff, like that creepy duvet above, does hold a candle to our old favorite, the commemorative fridge.
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