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How to Get Promoted: Make Mansions Out of Cubicles

Photos via This Old House

This Old House has cheekily combined its construction expertise with its career-building know-how by offering tips for getting ahead in the workplace. Instead of just resenting your cubicle, turn it into a mansion—"doing so might cause Mr. Corner Office over there to wonder what the young go-getter in the Colonial Revival cubicle is all about." Why, of course, why haven't we thought of this before? Click over for a handy five-step guide, from the roof ("Once you're done you'll never again have to worry about colleagues peering in horror over your shoulder as you wolf down one of those KFC meat sandwiches while catching The Biggest Loser on Hulu") to the door ("Ever wish you could make like Don Draper and enjoy bourbon-basted closed-door meetings in your very own office? That's a tough task when you don't even have a door.") to the pediment ("Topping off such man-made masterpieces as the Parthenon in Athens, and the Pantheon in Rome, a pediment is a great way to turn a common cube into something that screams 'I Am Middle Management, Hear Me Roar.'")

· How to Upgrade Your Cubicle (and Your Career) [This Old House via Gizmodo]