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Gizmodo's "Smart Home"

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If Gawker's tech'd-out, toys-for-boys site Gizmodo were to help create a showhouse, of sorts, what would it look like? Thankfully today brings the answer to that all-plaguing question in the form of the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago's 2011 Smart Home. Set to open to the public on Earth Day (April 22), the eco-friendly modular house (reconceived for a couple and their 10-year-old son) will "feature an interior design of re-used materials," all from Chicago furniture store Scout, as well as tons of crazy high-design gadgets furnished by Gizmodo. Think: a bathroom mirror that shows the weather and a "solar toothbrush" that "uses electrons that react with acid in your saliva to clean your teeth, without toothpaste!" We really can't make this stuff up. Nor can we wait to get our hands on photos of the interior once it's complete; stay tuned for a full post in a couple of weeks. More info: over here. [CurbedWire; Gizmodo]