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The Magnificent Homes of Donald J. Trump, Presidential Candidate

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Alright, so he may not have officially announced his candidacy, but it's no secret that real estate developer Donald Trump has been considering a run for the presidency in 2012. He's been giving a host of interviews—famously questioning President Obama's birth certificate, declaring how smart he is, and preparing to drop $600M on his campaign. Frankly, Trump's been doing alright. In February, a Newsweek poll listed him neck-and-neck with Obama. If this keeps up, he might actually make good on that pledge to spend $600M. Will the heavily leveraged king of the comb-over have to sell off some of his personal properties to swing that monster check? We're inclined to think so.

Trump got off to a good early start in 2008 when he sold this massive Palm Beach manor (above) to Russian fertilizer king Dmitry Rybolovlev for close to $100M. The Donald purchased the 76,000-square-foot oceanfront spread in 2004 from bankrupt healthcare investor Abe Gosman for $41.35M. Trump then commissioned a $25M renovation directed by none other than The Apprentice champ, Kendra Todd, before listing it again in 2006 for $125M. Thanks to that Russian cash cow, Trump pocketed a hefty profit despite the price chop. But hey...doesn't he have another house in Palm Beach?

? Why, yes he does. Mar-a-Lago, the former estate of Marjorie Merriweather Post, was purchased by Trump in 1985 for just $10M. Just $10M? When you consider the main house alone contains 114 rooms on a stretch of land between the ocean and am inland lake, it was, actually, sort of, well, a deal. Trump has since poured money into the property, renovating the ornate public spaces—like the towering living room above—and some 58 bedrooms. Now Trump enjoys some supplementary income from operating the Mar-a-Lago Club on the massive estate. The mega-mansion even hosted the 1994 honeymoon of Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley.

? Trump has been sitting on some serious properties up north, too, like the Seven Springs estate, a 213-acre gentleman's farm in Bedford, N.Y. He purchased the estate in 1995 for $7.5M, and has been using the original 39,000-square-foot 1922 stone manor as his personal retreat while developing a series of houses originally expected to fetch $25M apiece. An opportunistic Trump wasn't timid about making a buck off of a 2009 visit by Muammar el-Qaddafi, and rented a corner of the estate for the Libyan strongman's signature bedouin-style tent.

? In his hometown of NYC, Trump has been involved with plenty of towering residential projects, but he rests his head in one of the originals: Trump Tower. The entrance to Trump's sky palace is located on the 66th floor—which he shares with fireworks magnate Joel Anderson—but the top two floors are all Trump, giving the apartment almost 30,000 square feet of gold-plated gaudiness. Trump showed off the interior on The Apprentice and wowed the candidates. Check out the video above (and skip to 1:09 to cut to the chase).

? The Donald has also been busy on the West Coast, where the Trump National Golf Course is now home to a few Trump-style residences. This one, which Trump inhabited while ostensibly overseeing construction—and more likely playing a lot of golf—is now for sale with a price tag of $12M. The ocean views from this Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., hillside retreat open up after you get through a suitably overwrought doorway; the rest of the house impresses, if not strictly with features and space, than at least with surprising restraint: there's not a gilded surface in the joint.
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