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Chair Made From Southern Comfort Bottles Could Get You Drunk

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Photos via BRC Designs

Core 77 is taking a look at the ingenius work of Benjamin Rollins Caldwell, a South Carolina-based furniture designer who's about to unveil his BNR01110100 011000010110 001001101100 01100101-01 table (nicknamed the "Binary Table 01") at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in NYC in May. It's made entirely of old computer parts—including things that still click, spin, and slide—topped with a piece of glass. We got to looking through the BRC website and stumbled upon another of Caldwell's masterful creations, this time an acyrlic chair filled with 282 mini-bottles of Southern Comfort. (We hear echoes of frat parties off somewhere in the distance...) Anyway, no word whether or not Caldwell raided a minibar for the project, but it's called the Impractically Comfortable Side Chair and it was produced in a limited edition of five. Sad, but the booze has to run out sometime! We've pulled photos of it, as well as that computer table and a bed inspired by organ pipes, for the photogallery above. Drink up!

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