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Stunning Listings From the Star of Million Dollar Listing: New York

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We've been mesmerized by Swedish listings before—when we explored some of the offerings from Sotheby's Sweden—but now another brokerage has brought the Swedish beauties a little closer to our shores. Former porn star turned CORE broker turned star of Bravo's upcoming NYC version of Million Dollar Listing Fredrik Eklund has teamed up with some of his Swedish compatriots to bring some stunning Swedes to the attention of American buyers. The timing might be awkward, what with the weak American market, but we're not complaining about the product. We've got five of Eklund's best offerings after the jump.

The newest offering in Eklund's line-up, the Ateljehuset residences (above) face the Kungsparken in the Vasastan neighborhood of Göteborg. This particular three-bedroom unit, with sloping walls of glass and a modern interior, is asking $3.05M.

? There are more glass walls at the Tott Resort in Gotland. For $1.18M, this two-bedroom apartment offers access to the resort's extensive amenities and a peek at the ocean through floor-to-ceiling glass.

? Now back to more familiar territory, Stockholm, where this four bedroom is decked out in wacky artwork, period details, high ceilings, and views of the entrance to Stockholm harbor. The price takes all these luxuries into account: $4.73M.

? This Stockholm penthouse eliminates the claustrophobia of slanted ceilings with rows of windows between the studs, not that things were too tight to begin with: the floor-to-ceiling bookcases require a ladder. This is the most expensive of Eklund's Swedish listings, ringing in at $5.2M.

? Just east of Stockholm lies the humorously named hamlet of Vikingshill, but it would take more than a couple viking raids to fund the purchase of a property here. Two small plots are being sold together for $1.9M, with two rustic cabins and a waterfront "badhus." No word on the acreage, but the Maine-style waterfront is enthralling enough, no?
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