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Jersey Shore Infamous Beach House Now Available For Rent

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Get crazy, get wow—the Jersey beach house made famous by MTV's Jersey Shore is now up for rent in a "once in a lifetime opportunity," according to the Seaside Realty listing, despite the fact that it's been on the market before. Broker Mike Loundy tells AOL that the place looks exactly like it did when the show was filmed—Snooki's bed (totally a place we'd feel comfortable sleeping), duck phone, Sunday dinner table, and all. (Here's a refresher.) Luckily, the dog excrement been cleaned up and the toilets flush properly once again. The hottub deck has been removed, but considering it's just a short walk to nightclub Karma and Ronnie may or may not be hanging around, the current ask of $2,500 a night doesn't seem like such a bad deal.

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