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Hemp Rug With Dolls All Over it Costs About as Much as a Volvo

Today the New York Times runs a short piece on a circular rug crafted by the Campana Brothers, world-renowned Brazilian designers who have made a name for themselves crafting furniture and home accessories from waste, among other media. Here now, though, is a hemp rug that was introduced at last year's Milan furniture fair. Measuring six-and-a-half feet in diameter and covered with tons of little Brazilian dolls, the piece costs $35,575. It took nearly a year, but Parisian art gallery Perimeter Art & Design has just sold the first one. What accounts for the buyer hesitation? “It was so new, it took time to be understood," says company president Andrea Galimberti. Sure, hon!
· For the Campana Brothers, a Rug Priced Like a Piece of Art [NYT]