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A Shingle-Style Estate in Exclusive Suburb Needs A New Interior

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Location: Greenwich, Conn.
Price: $20,000,000
The Skinny: Greenwich, Conn., is among the priciest of American suburbs, a collection of imposing houses located some 30 miles outside NYC. But it's Greenwich's most exclusive neighborhood, the waterfront village of Belle Haven, that takes suburban pricing to new heights. Take this peaked-roof shingle-style cottage with views of Long Island Sound. Though it only occupies 2.11 acres and needs, in our opinion, a significant interior overhaul, the estate is asking buyers to fork over $20M. Now, we're not saying its overpriced—after all, this is some preppy version of Shangri-La we're talking about here—but that's a lot of green for a peek at the water. There are some redeeming features, however, like a heated swimming pool with pool house, nine bedrooms, and a mahogany-paneled dining room.
· Belle Haven Shingle Style [David Ogilvy]