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Church of Scientology Kicks Neighbors Out to Expand Golf Course

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The Church of Scientology wants to get down with its bad self and expand the golf course next to its San Jacinto, Calif., headquarters. Sounds fun—we assume scientologists are pretty good with a 7-iron—except two residents of Sleepy Hollow trailer park are the last ones standing in the way of the construction. Although 19 of their neighbors have moved—whether happily or not—Candice Savage and Joseph Neely maintain that the park is protected by a law that requires mobile-home tenants be given a year's notice, filing court motions to prolong the eviction. They were supposed to be out yesterday after the Church gave them $800, waived their rent, and gave them two months to leave. The things people do for the man upstairs!
· SAN JACINTO: Tenants evicted from almost-vacant trailer park [The Press-Enterprise via Gawker]