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Groupon Decides Categories are Smart; Starts With Home Deals

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Groupon has realized that just because you live in any particular city doesn't necessarily mean you want three bikini waxes for $60. It has just announced a marvelous new way of further making sense of its daily discounts: grouping them in categories! The online deals website launched Groupon Channels in Chicago this week and will roll it out in other major cities soon. First up? Channels for home and garden so we little lost lambs have "somewhere they know they can always find a relevant deal for their home," according to a spokesperson for the company. One of the first Groupon Channel home deals was a 20 percent discount for a design consultation from an interior design store in Chicago; unfortunately, only 20 people bought it. Eventually the $25B company will offer categorized deals for events, luxury goods, and travel.

· Groupon launches category-specific deals, starts with home & garden [Chicago Business]