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Black-and-White Contemporary Gives New Meaning to "Psycho"

Looking at hundreds and hundreds of listings, one begins to notice certain trends. A Stanford White-designed Colonial in Greenwich, for example, more often than not tends to have a certain type of interior with a certain type of furniture. Glassy, boxy, low-slung moderns will likely open to reveal something by Noguchi, Saarinen, or Panton. But here's an example that had us stupefied: what sort of interiors would we find behind a $4.5M California contemporary with a black-and-white striped garage door?

Turns out: exactly what you'd expect! (Except for that round bed—we'd never begin to expect that.) A basic palette of black, white, and skulls, for starters, with blotches of pink tossed in here and there: a chaise longue, a sofa, even the piano. And when that theme becomes tired, there's always the bedroom that's painted in key lime green to break things up. The home was once owned by actress Janet Leigh and, just like the listing proudly declares, "may drive you ~psycho~."

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