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Ultimate Bachelor Pad Stocked With Limo-Length Garage

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We thought we'd be able to enjoy at least a few months of a Josh Altman-free existence but lo and behold, that Million Dollar Listing broker we all know and love has reared his head again, and less than two weeks after the season finale no less! He's given Luxist a look at a totally tripped-out come-hither L.A. bachelor pad, complete with full walls of glass (peering over city-to-ocean views), an infinity pool, a 1,200-square-foot master suite, kitchen cabinetry clad in Macassar ebony, a THX home theater system, and a garage long enough to hold a limo. If you were to ask Altman, he'd probably mumble something manly about size mattering and then explain that $6.25M is a small price to pay for all these creature comforts.

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