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Donald Trump Adds Vineyard to Full-Bodied Real Estate Portfolio

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Donald Trump has never been one to shy away from beefing up his real estate portfolio, and now news comes that the developer/possible 2012 presidential candidate has purchased a foreclosed Virginia winery for the bargain-basement price of $6.2M. The massive Kluge Estate Winery and Vineyard, near Charlottesville, was sold to Bank of America for $15.26M last month after failing to sell for its whopping $100M listing price last year. It sounds like The Donald, who told the Washington Post he's "really interested in good real estate, not so much in wine," will still keep the winery working and even retain Patricia Kluge to oversee the operation. ("Of course, it's only Trump," he said about renaming it. "Everything is Trump.") On the grounds: the famed Albermarle House, which was built to resemble an 18th-century English country estate and boasts 23,500 square feet, eight bedrooms, and an art gallery.

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