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Watch a 330-Square-Foot Apartment Turn Into 24 Separate Rooms

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Finally, at long last, there is now a solution—and a totally reasonable one, at that—to the urban plight of being tight on space. How? Just ask architect Gary Chang, who ingeniously turned his 330-square-foot Hong Kong apartment into an ever-changing wonder that can, thanks to a series of tracks and sliding walls, turn into 24 different rooms. "The house transforms, and I am always here," Chang sagely explains. "I don't move. The house moves for me." Called "Domestic Transformer," the house has three floor-to-ceiling windows that keep it bright ("It makes me feel happy and warm. My home is always sunny, even in gloomy weather," Chang says.), and mirrors make the space seem bigger. In the video tour after the jump, the narrator explains that "what appears to be just a simple wall can be moved to reveal a linen closet, which in turn can be moved to reveal a soaker bathtub and a pull-down guest bed above." Meanwhile, a kitchen, just two meters wide, is hidden behind a TV. Oh, and there's somehow a screening room equipped with a hammock. Mind blown yet? Better have a look at the video.

Video: A Tiny Apartment Turns Into 24 Rooms

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