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Dracula's Castle Has A Surprising Number of Windows

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The former home of the late actor Bela Lugosi, famed for his role as Dracula on Broadway and in the 1931 film adaptation, has just hit the market in Los Angeles. The 5,000-square-foot Tudor-style mansion has many similarities with a castle, but far too many windows to be home to a true vampire. Those windows do take advantage of the sweeping vistas afforded by the quarter-acre hillside lot, with views of Palos Verdes, Long Beach, and the Hollywood Sign. Built in 1924 as part of the Hollywoodland development that prompted the creation the Hollywood sign, this estate features elegant iron scrollwork and iron-framed windows, and retains much of its original tile and woodwork. Available for the first time in 40 years, the Castle La Paloma, as it is known, is asking $2.37M.
· The Bela Lugosi Castle La Paloma [Sotheby's]