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Holy Crap! Someone Really Hates Living Next to a Mosque

Micahel Heick is a special sort of fella who not only wears his heart on his sleeve (we assume) but wears his stereotypes on his front lawn. The Amherst, N.Y., resident has recently erected a sign that says "BOMB MAKING: NEXT DRIVEWAY" because the next driveway, as it would have it, leads to a mosque. Brilliant ol' Heick, who is insisting this is only a town-planning issue, then went on the record by saying, "[t]he sign is not directed at anybody. If they feel it's at them, that's how they feel." Genius, dude, just genius.

· Upstate New York man says sign pointing to mosque stating 'BOMB MAKING NEXT DRIVEWAY' stays [NYDN via Gawker]