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Oceanside Oddities from Canada's Smallest Province

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Prince Edward Island, famous for supplying oysters and mussels to seafood purveyors all along the Eastern seaboard, has some strange things going on when it comes to real estate. This miniature castle (above) is one such property, and though it might be hard to tell from the seemingly imposing exterior, this charming replica includes quirks you won't find on your average island residence, like sets of stacked windows to make one story appear to be two. That helps to explain how this castle has architecture fit for a king and only 1,300 square feet of living space. Oh yes, and it lacks any sort of plumbing or heating, because it was built as the centerpiece of a collection of doll house-sized castles and not as a private home. Still, oak paneling for $139K is a rarity, and if modern creature comforts are desired, a regular, old, run-of-the-mill house is for sale for an additional $149K.

? Now this is a new trick. If you've got a dilapidated combination flea market and restaurant that's been designed to resemble a ship, don't put effort into making the place attractive to patrons—just try to sucker one buyer into purchasing it as a single-family home. The $100K property isn't properly outfitted for residential use, but considering almost $1M went into its construction, maybe it's not such a bad deal after all.

? And that land barge is going to need a guiding light, so why not purchase this converted lighthouse, too? According to the listing, it actually has plumbing—two bathrooms in fact—and boasts a charming rough-stone fireplace to go with brilliant water views. There is a premium for the indoor plumbing: this lighthouse is asking $220K.

? Besides the architecture that's just a little off, what's so strange about this palatial, 13,000-square-foot spread? The price. On an island where $350K buys 25 acres, 1,400 feet of oceanfront, and a tasteful three-bedroom cottage, this McMansion—designed by, surprise, an American architect—and its 11 acres are asking a whopping $7.75M.
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