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Dark 'n' Stormy Texan Castle Has Glowing Bath of Wonderment

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$13.25M, folks! $13.25M is all it takes to bathe among the fish in this new-to-market Dallas monster, sharply spotted by our friends over at Homes of the Rich. Kudos to whomever built this house in 2000 (or, say, the people who've since renovated it), for so aptly predicting that at-home aquariums would become a fast-moving design trend toward the end of the first decade of the millennium. As for the rest of the house, it's—oh, wait, never mind. So not as interesting as that bathroom above.

· 9727 Audubon Palace, Dallas [Ebby via Homes of the Rich]
· Aquariums at Home; Small Iron Creatures Holding Lightbulbs [Curbed National]