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A Look at the "Supergreen" New Architects Hired by Google

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Google has just paid the city of Mountainview, Calif., $30M to lease 9.4 acres of land for 53 years, all to swaddle its astounding number of bright-eyed new recruits, reports the San Jose Mercury News. They've hired German firm Ingenhoven Architects to design what could ultimately be a 600,000-square-foot sustainable office space. So who are these lucky guys tasked with sheltering one of the coolest companies on Earth? We know they like lots of glass, lots of steel, and this tenet: "sustainable and ecologically orientated architecture is...a negotiated agreement." Will the new California expansion look anything like the primary-colored Google offices in London? What about the industrial space in Pittsburgh? No word yet, but plans could be filed as early as next month. Until then, come, let's take a look at some of Ingenhoven's previous work.

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