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Million Dollar Decorators on Gold-Leaf Garages, Housewives, More!

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After teasing us with video sneak peeks and jumping the gun with the premiere date, Bravo TV is finally set to unveil its most anticipated reality show to date, at least in these parts: Million Dollar Decorators. On May 31, the elegantly trimmed curtain will be pulled back on the professional and personal lives of five high-end Los Angeles designers.

Today, Bravo hosted a media-only chat with three of MDD's designers: Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, Kathryn Ireland, and Jeffrey Alan Marks. These three friends on- and off-screen were more than happy to dish the dirt on their celebrity clients and what happens behind the scenes of the new series.

10. Instead of the glammy shabby chic vibe Real Housewife Lisa Vanderpump now has in her Beverly Hills home, Lawrence-Bullard thinks she should bring in a more rustic European country look: "[In her restaurants] it feels like you're in Marbella or something, and I feel that she should translate a bit more of that sort of south of France/southern Spain flavor to her own home."

9. Lawrence-Bullard questions the taste of the other Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: "Those girls seem to have a lot of money but not a lot of style going on there."

8. In a bit of reality TV scoop, Lawrence-Bullard revealed he will be working with a fellow Bravo personality in the near future: "Camille Grammar has just reached out to me and said when she buys a new house she actually wants me to decorate it."

7. Marks wants to redecorate superstar stylist Rachael Zoe's house. "I would just clean it up and make it maybe a little bit more in line with her fashion. A little cleaner, a little more hip, not so scary."

6. Ireland is horrified by the Real Housewives' homes in general: "I think any of those Real Housewives all need our help. Atlanta, New York, New Jersey—any of them—they could all use us because their houses are all slightly desperate."

5. Lawrence-Bullard promises lots of "star glamour" with appearances by his celebrity clients including singer Elton John and his husband David Furnish, British model Sophie Dahl, "crazy adult industry mogul" Joe Francis of "Girls Gone Wild" fame, TV personality Daisy Fuentes, and Sharon and Ozzy Osborne.

4. Ireland spoke of the frequent imbibing viewers will see on the series: "One thing we all have in common is we all like to have a good time. There is not one teetotaler in the group." Describing her own proclivities, Ireland said: "Detoxing during the day, and then I retox at night."

3. Lawrence-Bullard has no qualms about reining in the outlandish desires of his wealthy clients: "I had a request once to goldleaf the entire interior of a garage, which I actually have to tell you I declined because I thought if that ever gets out to the press that will end my career."

2. When installing Joe Francis's house in Punta Mita, Mexico, Lawrence-Bullard was the victim of a roadside heist: "I had most of the furniture made in either Indonesia or the US. [...] It was all taken in lorries [trucks] down to Mexico and I had one of the lorries highjacked. I ended up having to do an illegal gangster-like deal by exchanging money with the hijackers to get my van of furniture back."

1. Even high-end design professionals like Lawrence-Bullard have to deal with extremely unusual requests from clients: "I once had a rather famous diva ask me to take a bath with her, which I politely declined." On his website, the British decorator lists the following celebrity clients, all of whom could be described as "divas": Sir Elton John, Cher, Christina Aguilera, and Jimmy Choo CEO Tamara Mellon. Any guesses as to who wanted to get randy?

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