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Six Strange Celebs Who've Dabbled Just a Bit in Home Decor

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Welcome back to Moonlighting, a Curbed column in which the talented Raina Cox of If the Lamp Shade Fits takes a look at design players whose first job may not have been design. Have a suggestion for a new Moonlighting topic? Send it o'er here.

Usually here on Moonlighting we take a look at celebrities wearing their interior design hat and achieving some measure of success. More often than not, though, stars sign on to home projects that fail to find fans. Today's six power players answered decorating's siren call only to receive a lukewarm reception at best. Each has lent their name to decor collections ranging from bedding to dinnerware to "artistic" teapots. While a few proclaim to be deeply involved in the design process, it's hard to imagine others do more than show up for the press launch. Let's shine a spotlight on some famous folks who probably shouldn't give up their day jobs. Consider this a bit of Friday-afternoon fun—do have a browse through the photogallery above to learn more.

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