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Hotties of ICFF: Ridiculously Good-Looking People, Part One

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The International Contemporary Furniture Fair, known in these parts ever-so-coolly as ICFF, kicked off on Saturday in NYC, letting more than 500 exhibitors loose in the Javitts Center to show off their shiny new furniture, textiles, lighting, and more. So what does the state of the furnishings industry look like next? What trends can we expect? Who the heck cares! We dispatched two Curbed correspondents to find and interview 20-some-odd beautiful people, from designers to marketing folks to models, lurking within the 145,000 square feet of exhibition space. They may be beleaguered booth babes, but they still look damn good. Here now is part one; stay tuned for the hot, streaming second part this this afternoon. (Oh, and good news! The fair's open to the public tomorrow.)

? Firm: James de Wulf
Booth #: 1862
Hottie: Annie Doletzky, assistant, model, and de Wulf's fiance
Hometown: Santa Monica, Calif.
Marital Status: Engaged
Favorite piece and why: My favorite is the Engagement Table, because when we got engaged he designed it. It’s 11 feet by 30 inches with a one-inch-thick concrete top. He especially made the table narrower than normal so it’s more inclusive at dinner parties. However, it’s custom made, so if somewhat wants it wider he can do that.
Have you noticed that this place is teaming with hotties? No, I haven’t noticed that. I have noticed the pieces have gotten nicer, though.

? Firm: Zipperer Studio
Booth #: 2550
Hottie: Caleb Zipperer, owner
Hometown: Brooklyn
Marital Status: Single and looking
Are you looking here at ICFF? What? Um, wow way to put me on the spot. No, um, I’m working!
Favorite piece and why: The “Unfinished” side table. I like it because it’s raw and natural, and sort of pixilated
What parties are you going to? Going to the MoMA party [Saturday night].

? Firm: Pij Poj Designs
Booth #: 2563
Hottie: Gary Einloth, owner and designer
Hometown: Florham Park, N.J.
Marital Status: Single, with girlfriend
What are you inspired by? I’ve been really into art and how artists really say how it is. I love how art is intuitive and playful.
If your collection were a woman, who would it be and why? It would be my girlfriend, Ann. I designed this entire collection when I thought she was going to move away. I was so sad, but I was also hopeful, and this collection expresses that through the dark and light colors.
Favorite piece and why: My entire collection here is called the Nestle Collection, and my favorite piece from it is this chair. I designed it with a bump that would dig into her neck so it would bring her closer and she’d have to nestle with me.

? Firm: Edition 14 with Swarovski
Booth #: 2458
Hottie: Izabella Rodzen-Olesinski, owner and designer
Hometown: Fort Lee, N.J.
Marital Status: Married
Favorite piece and why: The Ball Cabinet. I love the pattern and the large crystals, as well as the warmth of the color. I’m a big fan of color so my furniture is very bright. It's made of wood and Swarovski crystals.

? Firm: Eric Slayton LTD
Booth #: 2456
Hottie: Eric Slayton, owner and designer
Hometown: Brooklyn
Marital Status: Single, with girlfriend (whose photography was also exhibited)
Favorite piece and why: Cocktail Table. It’s made of a barnwood top with solid bronze legs. It’s designed in a quiet way but has a strong presence in its stillness.
If your furniture line were to be a hot famous woman, who would she be and why? A cross between Audrey Hepburn and Issabella Rosselini. Audrey because it’s very linear and austere, with Isabella adding the earthy tones.
We hear the MoMA is having a hot party tonight, are you going? Oh MoMA? No, I won’t be going to that party. We’re going to Moss, and Henry Hall because he’s a friend.

? Firm: Cory Grosser for Walt Disney Signature
Booth #: 1732
Hottie: Annakay Simpson, brand representative
Hometown: Miami
Marital Status: Single and looking
Have you seen any hotties here? Um, some of the guys are hot, but I haven’t seen a lot of pretty girls. And I mean, I’m not a hater or anything—I’m all about pretty girls!
Are you gay?No, I’m straight.
OK, well are you going to try to meet any of the hot guys here, and maybe find love at ICFF? No, I don’t think that would go very well.
Why not? Everyone is preoccupied with design.
If this chair [The Airline_009 Chair] were a celebrity hottie, who would he be? George Clooney because it’s sleek and classic.

? Firm: Duravit
Booth #: 1704
Hottie: Tracy Reese, Duravit distributor
Hometown: Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada
Marital Status: Married
What are the trends you’ve noticed this year at ICFF? Everything is about maximizing space.
Favorite pieces from the collection: The Sensowash, designed by Philippe Starck. In Europe you have a bidet and a toilet, so this is two-in-one. People want to combine the two for space. There is a rear wash, a front wash, and a lady wash. You can adjust the pressure and the temperature of the water. It also has a remote control and a heated seat.
Wow, that is really luxurious. Seems like hot people probably need this. This is THE toilet for hotties.
Even though you're married, let’s say you’re dating someone and you go over to their apartment to find they have this toilet. Does that make them even more hot? Yes, through the roof! If they have this toilet, it means they want the finer things in life, and for themselves. And now for me, too, because I get to use it!

? Firm: Jonathan Adler
Booth #: 1848
Hottie: Macey Connolly, account executive, West Coast
Hometown: NYC
Marital Status: Single and looking
Have you seen any hottie potential here? No, I don’t think so, but I haven’t left the booth!
Favorite piece and why: This shark sculpture. It’s a good statement piece. I like anything nautical.
Are you going to any parties? Our party is tonight, so then I’m going to the other parties in Soho. Kartell, and a few others.

? Firm: IDUT Sensingware, Institute of Design, University of Tokyo
Booth #: 1882
Hottie: Shunsuke Yokoo, student
Hometown: Bunkyo, Tokyo
Marital Status: Single
Favorite piece and why: The Yorai chair. It’s a take on the traditional Japanese chair using the idea of Japanese armor.
Is this your first time in New York? Yes!
Do you like it? It’s very confusing—much more than Tokyo
Are there at least a lot of hotties to look at? Like, good-looking people? Yes, there are lots of good-looking people in New York, and here at ICFF.