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For the Cheap-at-Heart: Five Residences Under Six Figures

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After debuting the Curbed National version of the Under 500K Club, we figured that maybe we weren't being ambitious enough with our low price roundup. So, thrifty types, the bar was lowered to $100K, and, surprisingly, some truly impressive properties have managed to squeak onto the list. This one bedroom condo in Dallas, Texas, asking $99.9K, might be a bit small at 628 square feet, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in amenities. There's a well-equipped open kitchen, private outdoor space, and a communal courtyard with grill area, swimming pool, and loungers for soaking up that Texan sun.

? At first glance, this mobile home in Pacific Palisades, Calif. might not seem like much, and that's because it isn't. The house measures just 430 square feet, with one bedroom and one bath. So what attracted us to a diminutive trailer? Location, of course! This tiny pad lies just across the Pacific Coast Highway from the mighty Pacific. With an ocean in the backyard, this beach bum's paradise doesn't look so bad after all, especially with the price tag of $95K.

? Finding something even vaguely livable for under $100K in notoriously pricey NYC seemed like too much of a challenge. But, lo and behold, this $99K Brooklyn apartment manages to not only be livable, but it's also got more than one room. Granted the location in Kensington, Brooklyn is not on anyone's list of the most trendy or prestigious, but with some hip farm-to-table restaurants just around the corner in Ditmas Park, it's just a matter of time.

? Those pining for a gentleman's farm—but lacking in the budget for a fully restored New England farmhouse—should check out this 11-room house in Dublin, N.H., and should certainly have it inspected before submitting an offer. According to the listing, the seller refuses to make any repairs to the property and "will not renegotiate after an inspection." Alarm bells are ringing, but this must be the way to score 6,700 square feet for $100K.

? In this price range, buyers would do well to settle for a fixer upper with good bones. Take this Baltimore townhouse, located in the artsy neighborhood of Hampden—which might help explain the vibrant exterior paint job. It's small in size and rough in its finishes, but doesn't look like it has been altered too much, giving the next buyers a chance to restore the one bed, two bath house. Plus, at $85K, there's a little left over in the budget to tackle that remodel.

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