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Nom for Ugliest Spec House Offers Valuable Architecture Lessons

The Southampton Patch is taking a detailed look at everything that's wrong, architecturally speaking, with a new spec house that's well on its way to being completed in Water Mill, N.Y. There's the gambrel roof ("whose proportions are not quite right; the top is too tall and the bottom is too short"), the chimney design ("extravagantly fancy, almost Tudoresque with their hexagonal volumes over a squat base, topped with leaded chimney pots"), the Federalist elliptical window ("incorrectly placed over an arrangement of fenestration wider than itself and sitting within an arched dormer with a completely different radius and jack arch trim detailing"), and the tower/finials (which seem "to have been scalped, probably due to height restrictions, but then to accentuate the matter, it gets clad with shiny metal and topped with a gargantuan finial"). Duly noted!

· A New and Scary Spec House Rising in Water Mill [Southampton Patch via Curbed Hamptons]