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The 10 Most Poignant Moments From Oprah's Visit to Ralph Lauren

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Oprah Winfrey has been on a house tour tear of late. Two weeks ago, we were granted a royal audience in the tea room and gardens of the television mogul’s Montecito, Calif., estate. Today, Winfrey hit the slopes of Colorado for a look at Ralph Lauren's Telluride home, the Double R Ranch. So, other than a glimpse of the extremely Ralph Lauren-esque, Americana decor (in the photogallery above), what do we learn of the man who built a retail empire of 452 stores in over 80 countries? He's a total and complete mensch.

10. When asked why he named his fledgling company "Polo," Lauren replied, "I couldn't call it 'Basketball.' I liked sports and I felt 'Polo' represented sort of an international sport. It was a little more sophisticated."

9. Middle child Andrew, an executive vice president of the Ralph Lauren corporation, on working with his famous Dad: "I'm lucky to have a boss who is also my mentor and my father."

8. Andrew shared a moment from earlier in the day: "I saw my Dad this morning—he was taking a hike. [...] He literally has a stick and he's throwing a rock and he's batting it very Mickey Mantle style—he's got great form. He's like 'Look, this is what I did as a kid. This is me playing stickball.' He was laughing out loud. I caught this moment and I'm like if Oprah just got here a little earlier she would have seen the way my Dad really is. He's just loving life."

7. On walking in his famous father's footsteps, Andrew said, "There was never any pressure to do anything or be anything more than what we felt comfortable with. Whether it was with our homework or with our jobs, it was always a feeling of 'Just be happy.' When my Mom talks to us, she's just 'Be happy.'"

6. Lauren describing the moment he first laid eyes on the ranch: "I was out here at 6:30 in the morning and I walked out [...] and I just took a deep breath and I said 'I can't believe that I'm here.'"

5. Wife Ricky speaking of their connectedness to the land: "I feel it's a spiritual place and I can connect to that spirituality. [...] We drove up to a place called 'The Vance,' and just stood there together holding hands and suddenly I got this feeling of being so thrilled. It's like being in love again."

4. Lauren added "You can just hear the wind and it goes through you, and that quietness is what makes this place so amazing. And the serenity and the openness and the mountains. [...] This is the part of life we forget about."

3. When asked the secret to the success of their 46-year marriage, Ricky looked deeply into her husband's eyes and sighed,"Ralph is my best friend [...] and we see the world as a team."

2. Andrew on childhood memories: "I would say the most important thing to me is my photo album, because it has so many memories and it's never one memory. It's the life that we have together. And my Mom chronicles our life. She takes pictures of us, she writes stories about us, she puts them into books and gives them to us. It's a chance for her to express her feelings about us, but also a chance for us to know ourselves from her perspective."

1. Lauren tears up when asked about designing daughter Dylan's dress for her upcoming nuptials: "I had to do something that was better than ever before. I mean I have to—it's the only daughter I have, beautiful girl—I want to just give her something that she'll really treasure, give her something that would be really amazing. I want her to feel fantastic."

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