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Angular Austrian Design Shakes Things Up Near Abbot-Kinney

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Location: Venice, Calif.
Price: $2,595,000
The Skinny: Despite an off-beat, bohemian reputation, Venice, Calif. has a remarkably traditional housing stock, comprised mostly of bungalows. Modern builds are becoming increasingly common, but in 1995, it took an Austrian design team to dream up this funky angular creation, now priced at $2.6M. The 2,500-square-foot house was the first American commission for Vienna-based Coop Himmelb(l)au architects, though it has been omitted from their webpage and monographs. We're not sure why they're trying to distance themselves from this space-age three-bedroom, but perhaps a 2007 renovation was a bit too extensive for their taste. Set on a gated lot, the house enjoys roof-top views and a quick walk to the beach.
· 513 Grand Boulevard [VoA]
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