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Ford Creates Through-and-Through Yankees Dream House

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Last night, as the New York Yankees were embarking down a wild 15-inning showdown with the Baltimore Orioles, Fox aired the new Ford commercial wherein a uniformed Derek Jeter faces the camera and says, ever-so-suavely, "Everything looks good pinstriped, and so can you with the Yankees edition Ford Explorer." Car sweepstakes? Who cares! Far more interesting was the set, an entirely (and, we assume, computer-aided) pin-striped house shown in the first 20 seconds of the spot. Is there anything more beautiful than pinstriped couches, coffee pots, swimming pools, clapboard siding, or wallpaper? (We suspect the answer will vary.) Have a look at the photos.

· Derek Jeter, New York Yankees Ford Explorer Pinstripe Edition Sweepstakes TV Commercial [YouTube]