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Madonna's Downtrodden Childhood Home Hits Market for $49K

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These days, when pop star Madonna goes shopping for a house, the price tags usually register in the tens of millions. For example, her recently-gated Upper East Side mansion in NYC was purchased for $32M. Unfortunately for the current owners of the Material Girl's childhood home in Michigan (above), the celebrity provenance doesn't command the same premiums. Located in Rochester Hills, Mich., the four-bedroom home where Madonna grew up with seven siblings has been put on the market for just under $49K, in a town where the median home value hovers around $173K.

The house has seen its price tag fluctuate over the ten years since
the Ciccone family sold for $270K, starting with a $331K high bid on eBay in late 2001, then in 2005 the house traded for just $245K. In 2008, the bad juju continued when a fire gutted the house. Now it has been sitting soot-stained and unrepaired for almost three years and the price has hit rock bottom. Despite the bargain price, it seems unlikely that Madge will come to rescue: she hasn't visited Michigan since '08.
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