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Perfectly Preserved Midcentury Not Perfect for Modern Residents

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Location: Encino, Calif.
Price: $2,169,000
The Skinny: We like the midcentury look as much as anyone. Clean lines, little ornamentation, broad swaths of glass, and the seamless integration of outdoor space, all great. So what's the issue with this idyllic '50s spread? Two words: "popcorn ceilings." The noise-reducing texture might have been a fixture of these midcentury houses, but sometimes there is such a thing as too much preservation. We've seen enough episodes of House Hunters to know we're not alone in this. The public distaste for the finish has some basis beyond simple aesthetics, as the popcorn ceiling was sometimes produced using hazardous asbestos. That said, saving this low-slung home would be worth the hassle of remediation, provided the questionably updated, wood-paneled kitchen is dealt with too.
· 3940 Royal Oak Place [Crosby Doe]