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For Those Who Do Not Win The HGTV Green Home...

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Photos via The Wolfe & Epperson Team

Why have I chosen to showcase this new-to-the-market, average suburban sprawler today? Because it's located just a few blocks from the 2011 HGTV Green Home, of course! If the camera crew doesn't show up at your doorstep and the keys are not placed in your hand, don't fret, another option is available on the Stapleton real estate market: this $999,500 estate, with over 4,900-square-feet of beautiful design, five-bedrooms, and six-bathrooms.

And while the buyer won't enjoy the eco-friendly furnishings and brand-new car that come with the Green Home, they will enjoy a home theatre, exercise area, and an artist's studio above the garage. No ogling of the neighbors necessary!

· 9137 E. 28th Place - Stapleton [The Wolfe & Epperson Team]