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Please Welcome Guest Editor Cole Perkins to Curbed National!

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Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, please say hello to Cole Perkins, the 13-year-old whiz kid who will be your trusty Curbed National pilot this week as editor Sarah Firshein is off experiencing the earthly delights of Paris. You might recall Cole from way back in November, when we first featured him here on the site for his terrific work running his luxury real estate blog, Lavish Property. Cole impressed us grandly with his sharp eye and, of course, his ability to pontificate intelligently on Neo Federal-style building.

Each day this week, Cole will be navigating the murky waters of real estate and design from his—and only his—perspective. The team has put away the red editing pen and given the kid free reign. Expect new shopping features, an advice column, and a healthy dose of teenage candor, all while associate Rob Bear plugs in here and there with some of the usual favorites. So, as the saying goes: when the cat's away, the mice will play. Let the games begin!

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